I’m home!

Actually, I got home Tuesday night but I’ve been too lazy to write.  Making a 900 mile trip with a six month old is no small task.  I needed to rest up.

First off, I want to say how saddened I am to hear about the passing of Tim Russert.  I literally just heard, and I am seriously, seriously sad.  Sunday mornings are never going to be the same again.  Was he even sick?  My CNN Alert did not tell me how he passed on, so I don’t know.  It just all seems so very sudden.  My prayers are with his family.

Next, I want to say that I feel bad for Missouri bashing.  Its not cool to bash on other people’s states, I get really offended when people bash on Colorado.  But, come on, the place has no sidewalks.  Its baffling.  I know it gets really hot there in the summer time, but I did see people walking and biking, and they have to do that on the sides of narrow, windy, hilly streets that are more often than not surrounded by thick, forresty growth, and thats just plain not safe.  While there seem to be almost no sidewalks anywhere in the state, they do have mile markers every .2 miles on their highways.  I don’t know if I want to live in a place where money is spent putting in a mile marker every .2 miles on the highway, but not on putting sidewalks on streets to keep people safe.  Unbelievable. 

Do you live in Missouri or a place like it?  How do you feel about your sidewalk situation?  Your public transportation situation?  Your bike lane situation?  Your mile marker situation?  I am struggling to understand why people are not completely outraged by what seems to me to be a massive misspending of tax dollars.  When peak oil gets bad St. Louis, and cities like it, are massively screwed.

There are a ton of things I was inspired to write about while I was gone, but I need to get organized before I can write them.  I just feel so scattered.  I can promise up coming posts about natural childbirth, co sleeping, natural household cleaners, and a few book reviews, to name a few.  In the mean time, here are some interesting things to check out.

This is a post from the Organic Consumers Association I just got around to reading today.

The South Korean government has responded to a rally last week involving more than 60,000 citizens protesting American beef imports. Major Asian markets have upheld a ban on American beef since the discovery of new cases of Mad Cow Disease in the U.S. raised consumer health concerns. Despite international pressure on the Bush Administration, the U.S. continues to ignore food safety concerns and violate World Health Organization guidelines by feeding slaughterhouse waste to animals and refusing to test all animals at slaughter for Mad Cow Disease. http://www.organicconsumers.org/madcow.cfm

This is a cool website.  I’d love to do something like this around here.

Decode eco labels here

Besides that, here are the weekend plans.

I’m going to an Earth Fair tomorrow at Magna Carta Park in Denver.  I was going to go to Wool Market up in Estes Park, but the friend I was going to go with had to cancel, and to be honest, after the trip to Missouri I don’t know if I can afford to be driving up to Estes Park, so Earth Fair it is.  On Sunday I am going to be sad, because Tim Russert is no longer on Meet the Press.  On Monday, Elijah and I are going to visit a Hindu Temple in our neighborhood.  I’ve always wanted to go in there and see what the Hindu religion is all about.  I know a very little bit, that I learned in a Humanities class the semester before last, but I think it would be awesome to learn first hand.

Thats it for me.  Hopefully I’ll be a better blogger next week.


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One Response to I’m home!

  1. Allie says:

    Our sidewalk/bike lane situation is weird. In some places, it’s excellent, but then totally drops the ball — so to just go for a leisurely walk or bike, you’re covered. Try to get somewhere — harder.

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