I have heart burn like a mo fo

Is that the proper way to spell mo fo?  Can anyone enlighten me?

Looking back, my first clue that I was pregnant should have been the sudden onset of heart burn.  At first, I had no idea what it was that I was experiencing.  I had never had heart burn before.  When I figured it out, I shrugged and thought “Well, I’m getting older”.  If only I had known what really was causing the heart burn.  Of course, if it were just the pregnancy, why do I still have heart burn now?  Why?

Anyway, my sister just informed us that she lost her mucas plug, so I might be disappearing sometime soon.  She had talked her doctor into scheduling some kind of induction like procedure in which she would be hooked up to some drip (not pitocin, she said, but something) to make her cervix efface in which she’d have to be strapped to a hospital bed for 12 hours, then they’d check her, then she’d wait for another 12 hours, etc.  It sounds not only miserable, but expensive.  Does she have any idea how much a 12 hour hospital stay costs?  And she pays 20% of her medical bills after deductable.  Not a choice I would make when I’m not even a week over due, but thats just me.  Not to mention all the risks of interventions such as this, and how it increases her liklihood of needing further interventions, eventually dramatically increasing her chances of getting a C section.  I worry about all this for her, but its her baby and her body and her choice, so I’ve been trying to be supportive.  She has PUPPP really bad, so I guess I can understand.

Of course, if she just lost her mucas plug, she may go into labor naturally before she gets the chance to be induced, and that would be great for her and the baby.  In the future, I will blog about natural birth and try to do it without sounding like one of those natural birth Nazis.  You can read the story of my natural birth here.

In other news, I’ve been working on finding a cure for Elijah’s seasonal allergies.  Its been a rough few weeks of noses too stuffy to nurse, followed by a few days of realization of common sense.  I needed to dust.  So I spent a good portion of the day yesterday dusting and vacuuming, which has already made a world of difference.  I still need to dust and vacuum my room, which is where Elijah sleeps, but I can already see an improvement in him.  It would be nice to get a HEPA filter vacuum, and even nicer to get rid of carpet all together (since carpet is a breeding ground for dustmites and the best collector of allergens known to man – not to mention a chemical nightmare, off gassing toxins and VOCs like there’s no tomorrow), but until then, I need to make it a point to be extra dilligent about dusting and vacuuming.  It helped my allergies also (after a temporary worsening during the dusting).

I’m looking into buying a bicycle used.  Craigslist seems to have a lot of bikes listed every day, so maybe with my next paycheck…  Also, looks like I can get a trailer for Elijah pretty cheap there too.  And maybe a bike rack for my car.  Yes, I’ll finally be one of those Coloradoans who looks really outdoorsy everywhere they drive.  I don’t want a rack on my roof though, for fuel efficiency reasons (that roof rack adds the most drag, from what I understand), and I certainly wouldn’t be riding around with my bike on my car all the time.  But it would be nice to have, wouldn’t it?

Finally, Indiana Jones and the Search for the Crystal Skull was no where near as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade, but it beat the hell out of Temple of Doom.  Even if the newest Indiana Jones was way more cheesey and even less realistic than Raiders and Crusade (yes, the newest one was less realistic, even, than the melting faces in Raiders), at least it didn’t have that irritating chick from Temple in it.  It was awesome to see it at the drive in, though, because I could eat a Qdoba burrito and nurse my son through the whole movie.  Bring back the drive in!



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One Response to I have heart burn like a mo fo

  1. jamilynnfitz says:

    Oh, I love drive ins! I haven’t been to one in, hmm, 15 years? It was the only way we could afford to go to the movies (3 kids + 2 adults, you do the math). I miss drive ins. Can’t really do that with a bike though.

    And you totally don’t sound like a birth nazi, either. Women just understand that their bobdies are DESIGNED to give birth, and women realyl haven’t been “too small” to birth a baby since the Victorian era when waists were being cinched, and nutrition was so horrible that their pelvises were deformed.

    Go you! Talk more about natural birth!

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