I know I said I was going to write in more detail about my responsible eating goals, but real quick first I want to touch on something else entirely.


I don’t know why this is perceived by so many as such a bad word.  I mean, I can kind of understand why men don’t like it (though not really, if they stopped to think about what it really means), but I cannot for the life of me fathom why women would be opposed to the concept.  I can only guess that its because of some gross misunderstanding of the word.

Let me lay a few things out.  First of all, feminism does not mean that I want to grow a dick and beat down the natural born men with it.  It does not mean that I hate men, or want to become like a man, or that I don’t want men around.  Feminism doesn’t mean any of these things, for your information I LOVE men, I LOVE being a woman, and if I grew a dick I’d be horrified (although it might be cool to be able to pee standing up while camping). 

All feminism really means is that I want equal pay for equal work.  It means that I want the right to vote, drive, get an education and anything else needed to provide for myself and my family.  It means that I should be able to marry who ever I want, and that I get to decide when, how and if I want to have children.  And it means that if someone beats me, rapes me, or in any other way abuses me (or my children) I should have a right to press charges, even if that person is my husband.

I don’t think there are many people left in the first world who are not feminists.  Even the people who use the term derogatorily are, for the most part, feminists.  Even Anne Coulter is a feminist.  If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be on TV blasting her bull horn or writing books.  She would be at home taking care of her children, whipping up a three course meal and blowing her husband.  She would do nothing else with her miserable, angry life.

Not that I’m saying that taking care of your children, whipping up a three course meal, and blowing your husband are bad things.  These are great things to do, things I enjoy doing (except for that last one, since I obviously don’t have a husband to blow).  But I choose to do them.  I do not allow anyone to force me to do these things.  That makes me a feminist.

Oh, I still love to dress up pretty, wear sexy lingerie, shave my legs (actually, I prefer to wax, but I just cant find the time since my son’s been born).  But I’m still a feminist.  I prefer a man who will take charge, take me out for dates (which means he pays), and opens doors for me.  But I’m still a feminist.  I expect to be treated like a princess – not property – and in return, I fully intend to treat any man I’m with like a king.

Because another thing that feminsim does not mean is that men no longer have to work.  Sorry boys, but if anything, it means you have to work more.  In a day when women can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan, men really aren’t worth much of anything unless they are contributing at least as much as we are to the household, either in money or in house work.  Frankly, since women these days are expected to contribute both financially and through housework, I expect a man to contribute to both as well.  Call me a traditionalist, but I prefer to stick to classic gender roles and my contribution can be heavier on the housework side if his is heavier on the finances side, but whatever way you want to swing it is fine, as long as both sides are contributing. (which makes me think of something I’d like to blog more about later, the priceless value of being a stay at home parent) 

Just like no man wants to marry a woman who doesn’t work or keep up the house (unless she’s really hot and horny) no woman wants to marry a man who doesn’t work or keep up the house (unless he’s really hot and horny.  What?  Women like sex with hot partners too).  Honestly, if we want to sleep with something that doesn’t bring in an income or take care of the house, we can sleep with a vibrator.  It will get us off more reliably and we don’t have to talk to it when we’re done with it.

Honestly, I don’t know why so many people have a problem with this “Lets help each other out” philosphy that is feminism.  Is there really a man out there that doesn’t want a wife who’s going to take over half of the work of living?  Isn’t that the whole point of getting into a long term relationship, to combine strengths in order to make living easier?  Its just that now, thanks to feminism, women have more options for how they want to contribute to the household.  There is nothing saying they have to do any of them, feminism just means we now have the right to choose between them.


PS  Seriously, does anyone even know who Anne Coulter’s husband is?  Man, that dude is pussy whipped, isn’t he?  I mean, maybe he’s famous too and I’m just not up on the conservative radical superstars, but who is at home taking care of her kids while she’s out being a loudmouth?  I can only assume its him.  That’s not very anti feminist of her, is it?

PPS  Wait a minute.  Does she even have kids?  I thought I heard that she does, but I don’t know.  I’ve got to confess that I don’t listen to her much.  But you’d think someone so anti feminist should be more submissive to her husband and would show up pregnant more often.  Theres a whole slew of insults I could get into on that one, but I’m going to let it go for today.



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5 Responses to Feminism

  1. Di says:

    The only thing bad about taking care of your children, whipping up a 3 courser and blowing your man is if you have to do them all at once! LOL! Personally, I can’t stand Coulter and if she spawned, I feel for her kids.

    Thanks for a great post.

  2. I’m a man, and a feminist.
    I too struggle to understand why it’s deemed a ‘dirty’ word.
    In many ways, it’s simply a synonym for ‘respect’ and ‘equality’.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  3. jessimonster says:

    Yeah. Most men are feminists. Even if they think they aren’t. I mean, if they allow their wives and girlfriends to vote, they’re feminists. Duh.

  4. Great post. This late comment reveals my dirty sin that I have not RSSed your blog. I don’t even know how. Anyways, ever since Gender Studies 101 (I know I’m one of those people who takes one college course and thinks I’m better than everyone) I’ve noticed poorly people understand the feminism movement. I am much more of a feminist than my wife, and if I say so out loud, it blows the passerby’s mind. You can picture the situation if you like.

  5. jessimonster says:

    I’m picturing it, Jeff, but my vision is in the form of a Bitstrip.

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