Green up the purchases you already make tip #4 – Green your drinks

Okay, this is more of a networking source, and its not really a purchase, but I filed it here anyhow because you will purchase something while participating.   This really makes no sense, but it would if I weren’t backing into it.

Green Drinks

Its a group of people interested in green living who get together for happy hour one day a month all around the world.  You don’t pay for membership or anything, just go to the site and figure out when and where your local chapter is meeting, then show up.  Then you buy drinks.  So see, what I’m writing about isn’t a purchase, but you purchase things when you get there.  See?  Ah, its a stupid point.

Anyhow, here in Denver they meet on the last Thursday of the month at Double Daughters.  I am going to try to be there, but my sister is due to have a baby the day before, and the minute she goes into labor my mom and I are dropping everything we are doing and driving out to Missouri to be with her.  Hopefully we will be there in time for the birth and for a week afterwards.  As you all know, there’s really no way to tell when a baby is going to decide to come, so we could be gone on the last Thursday of this month.  Who knows?

Also, if there are no posts for a week suddenly, now you’ll all know why.


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3 Responses to Green up the purchases you already make tip #4 – Green your drinks

  1. Allie says:

    I wish we had a green drinks meeting in my city!

    How exciting about the baby! Is this your first niece or nephew?

  2. jessimonster says:

    Yes, this is my first neice. I am the oldest of four, and the two younger siblings are in high school still, so I’m hoping it will be the only neice or nephew for a long while. I am excited though. My son is going to have a cousin!

  3. jessimonster says:

    Maybe you should start a green drinks meeting!

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