Makes me miss that prince from the obscure African nation who has money to transfer into my account …

Dear Sir
First we must solicit your confidence in this issue. This is by virtue as being utterly confidential and “top secret”.
We are SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, the wife of the former United States head of state, PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, and also SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, friend and associate of current head of state PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. We got your contact through business inquiries as we were searching for contacts of a citizen who can help save our and our family’s political careers since our country has been frustrating us.
We are top officials of the United States Senate Government who are interested in importation of oil into our country with funds that are presently trapped in the FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND dedicated to improving transportation. We wish to send this money to overseas accounts in the MIDDLE EAST but cannot due to restrictions in Congress Transportation Equity Act requiring that this money must be spent to build roads, bridges and high speed trains.
If you accept we will deliver to your a sum of 30 DOLLARS in the summer 2008 in form of a “GAS TAX HOLIDAY”. You will then deliver this money to accounts of our friends in Middle East by taking it to your nearby gasoline station where they have information to forward the money. Please supply your bank account, social security number, address and your vote in DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES AND NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION.
But bear in mind that this transaction requires absolute confidentiality. Do not visit WWW.GASTAXSCAM.COM where there is information about dangers of our proposal and a petition to stop us from this diversion of funds.
Awaiting your rapid response
Yours truly

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Badass feminist environmentalist.
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4 Responses to Makes me miss that prince from the obscure African nation who has money to transfer into my account …

  1. jamilynnfitz says:

    You going to send that in to the email scam sight? Shoot, I don’t have the address for it, but I can find it for you if you want it.

  2. jamilynnfitz says:

    Sorry for all the typos. 😦

  3. jessimonster says:

    Oh, no, its a joke. Its making fun of the gas tax holiday in the style of those scam emails. I got it off of a site that was against the proposed gas tax holiday.
    Maybe it really needs the intro that was on the site. Hmmm …

  4. jamilynnfitz says:

    Shoot, you fooled me. 😦

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