Finger crossing good

First of all, I want to thank all of you who apparently crossed your fingers for me.  Elijah slept for a little more than an hour yesterday, all by himself.  I was able to hang up clothes!

Second, they did not accept our offer on the house.  They gave us a number they would go no lower than, and it turned out to be too much for us.  I’m so sad.  It was such a nice house.  But we’ll keep looking.  Something is out there for us.

I’m hoping to find a place that is more in the center of suburbia, rather than on the edge of it.  I would like to minimize my driving as much as possible, so the closer I am to things like grocery stores and the light rail, the more I can get done on foot or on bike.  I am also hoping to find a place with a descent sized yard, that way I can have a descent sized vegetable garden.  Since you all crossed your fingers for me yesterday and it worked, would you all mind crossing your fingers for me again?

Let me know if you need any finger crossing back from me.


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