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I am ELCA Lutheran, in case you all are interested.  We’re the crazy, progressive Lutherans.

This is a message from an ELCA Lutheran bishop my mom sent me.  I think its a nice cause, no matter what your faith background is, so I’m posting info on it here.

Rocky Mountain Synod
a message from Bishop Bjornberg
“give of what we have received”
Dear partners,Among the current topics in the news, two subjects are persistently prominent.  The first is the disturbing spectrum of stories about the growing world food crisis.  From ethanol production, to rice shortages, from the ongoing famine in Darfur, to the possibility of crop failures in Eurasia, collectively these strands come together in a frightening way.  The United Nations relief agencies plead for increased support.  Asian governments block exports of rice from their nations.  Like you, I cannot say what is looming, but I tremble at the possibilities.The other constant headline is the arrival of economic stimulus checks in the mailboxes of U.S. taxpayers.  The economy is in a downturn, and some families are struggling to hold on to their homes in the midst of the lending turmoil.  But certainly many, if not most, of us have the resources to feed our families.

Perhaps this is the time for us to speak a prophetic word to the followers of Jesus.  Perhaps this is a time for us to boldly suggest that we who count ourselves disciples of the Risen Lord should give of what we have received.  We can give a portion of our economic stimulus check, perhaps even a tithe, to ELCA World Hunger.  In all the many lists of suggestions about what we might do with this windfall, I have not seen one suggestion that we might share our gift with the hungry.

I hope you will raise this issue within your congregations.  I invite you to join me in speaking and in sharing.

In Christ,
Bishop Allan Bjornberg

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