Rush Limbagh calls for riots in Denver

Presumably because of the Democratic National Convention?  What the hell?

Hey Rush, have you stopped to think about who’s going to be handling these riots you suggest?  Its not going to be a bunch of hippies sent out to quell the masses with billy clubs.  Its going to be Guardsmen.  The entire Colorado National Guard is already preparing to pull security at this event.  Thanks for attempting to make our job just a little bit harder.  Way to support your troops there, you fat douche bag.

Luckily, anyone with half a brain knows that the only way the people of Denver are going to riot is if one of our sports teams wins a major game, like the Superbowl or the World Series or the Stanley Cup, and none of those events fall within the time frame of the DNC, so it looks like the fat, old junkie is shit out of luck.  Sucker.

Riots.  Psssh.  Where’s the logic in that anyhow?  Yeah, tearing a city up and hurting people is really going to solve whatever he has an issue with.  Because every other time there’s been a riot in history, it sure has made things better.  What a retard.

Does anyone actually still listen to him?  I hadn’t heard about him since that drug scandal.  I thought he died or something (when you don’t hear from a famous person for more than a year, it means they have died).  He sounds like a fish flopping around in not enough water, struggling to survive.  What a loser.


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