Ripping off No Impact Man’s blog

Really, its not ripping off, its just spreading the word.  As if my post will have anywhere near the same impact as his does.  My readership of, what, 10 people? (thats my best guess, I have no idea) doesn’t nearly compare to his readership, since his blog is actually on this list I’m about to publish!  Furthermore, most of my readers, I’m pretty sure, are coming to my blog from his when they read comments I made on his blog.

Anyhow, heres a list of the top 15 environmental sites as named by

#1 – Grist  I already link to this site on my side bar, FACE!  I rule.
#2 – Treehugger
#3 – Dot Earth
#4 – Climate Change  My work wont let me open this page, so I hope my link works
#5 – RealClimate
#6 – Environmental Capital
#7 – No Impact Man  My favorite
#8 – EcoGeek
#9 – EcoRazzi
#10 – Switchboard
#11 – Mongabay
#12 – Climate Ethics
#13 – Climate Progress
#14 – World Changing
#15 – Planet Ark

Most of these I don’t know, I’m checking them out myself.  If I like them, they’ll appear on my side bar (two of them are already there).  I hope you all enjoy and find them informative.


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Badass feminist environmentalist.
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One Response to Ripping off No Impact Man’s blog

  1. danny says:

    try this blog too on polar cities for global warming survivors, year 2500 or so. can you blog on this idea, pro or con? let me your POV on this?


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