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Someone, much to my surprise, requested an RSS Feed button on this blog.  I’m trying to figure out how to do it.  Obviously I’m not a computer person.  Don’t tell anyone, either, because my office actually hired me under the guise of me being a web page designer.  Shhhh …

I feel extra super bad because I made the same request of a friend of mine on his blog, A Small Tribute to Beautiful Things.  He changed his layout from a very classy layout to one that is less asthetically pleasing to accomodate my request.  I searched through the layouts and I couldn’t find one that I like even remotely that has the RSS Feed button on it.  And then I realized (just now, right before I wrote the last sentence).

The button is on the bottom of the screen.

Not the optimal place for it, if you ask me, but I’m not a designer, nor am I a web guru, so I’m going to let it be.  Those of you who want to subscribe to my RSS Feed can do so by clicking the little, tiny button on the very bottom of the page.

Jeff!  You can change your layout back!  Jeff!

I do like this new layout though, don’t you?  If you like the grass better, let me know.

P.S.  I can plop things into Dreamweaver to layout a page, which is all the more web designing I do here at work.


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One Response to RSS Feed

  1. Hey, I’ve been blogging for four years, and while I understand in theory what an RSS feed is, in practice I never use it because I’m not sure what the software, the reader, is. I just use bloglines. And oh, that little orange button with the megaphone stencil? A couple of times I’ve managed to get that button to load blog feeds onto my bookmarks. But that’s all. If there’s some other way to do RSS I suppose you could tell me now… but if I’ve lived this long sans RSS reader, who needs it?

    In theory there should be a bit of code to generate the button that you could stick into any template, if you knew how to revise a “canned” template, which I don’t.

    I guess web designer today is what Office software expert was twenty years ago – you didn’t have to know much to be smarter than the people hiring you, and you could always learn what you needed. I used to impress the senior counsel of the gigantic newspaper where I worked because I could make a crude pie chart out of a row of data using whatever early, rudimentary charting function came with their circa 1991 version of MS Word. They hired me specially to do their board books, some of which went out to the chairman of IBM. Gosh were they impressed that I could turn the year’s numbers into a bar graph or a pie chart.
    Never be embarrassed not to know something – there’s too much to know – just go find out.

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