Cloth diaper victory!

Although I’ve been cloth diapering almost exclusively while we are at home, I haven’t been doing it a) when we go out, and b) at night when he’s sleeping.  I guess I was just afraid to go there.  But last Monday I took him out without a single disposable, just two cloth diapers and a big ziplock to keep dirties in.  It worked wonderfully.  And last night I doubled up the insert in his cloth diaper, and he made it through the night with no leaks!

Cloth diapering has turned out to be easier and more convenient than I was told it would be by the cloth diapering enthusiasts I spoke to while researching my diapering options.


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3 Responses to Cloth diaper victory!

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  2. Jeff says:

    Grace is doing well in her cloth diapers from fuzzibunz (or some such spelling). She hasn’t leaked through, only leaked out the sides, which I suspect had something to do with “user error”…

    We still do disposables when we go out as you mention and just recently bought only our second pack of disposable diapers. At $15 bucks, I’m glad this is a rare occurrence.

  3. jessimonster says:

    Psh! You said it! I suppose I could use Luvs or something like that, but Elijah always got rashes when I used discount diapers. Seventh Generation seemed to be best suited to him.
    I’m glad he’s essentially potty trained now so we don’t really worry about diapers much. He’s too big for his Bum Geniuses now, so we put him in Seventh Gen disposables at night only.

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