One face in 40 some odd million

Because of a paperwork misunderstanding and a problem with my mail delivery, my son and I are now uninsured.  I was given some bad instructions on how to enroll in Tricare, and some bills apparently were never delivered to me, so Tricare has locked my son and I out from purchasing insurance through them for a year.  Its going through an appeals process now, but I’ve been told that things don’t look good for me.  I have looked into purchasing private insurance, but that just doesn’t fit into my budget right now.  My civilian job, which is actually for the National Guard, does not provide me with benefits, despite the fact that I have worked here for a year and a half now.  By a little paperwork trick, they’ve managed to employ me full time without giving me any benefits or opportunity for advancement.

So I am looking for another job.  I can’t leave the National Guard (nor do I want to, the re enlistment bonus is too high right now), but I can leave this “civilian job” full time with the National Guard.  That may be hard for some people to understand, I know.  The point is that I need to get a full time job that provides me with benefits, since I can’t purchase them for my part time job drilling.

Does it seem right to anyone that something like this should be able to happen to a veteran of the war on ?  Why can’t I get insurance?  If I lived in Canada I could get insurance.

This country is powerful fucked up.


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One Response to One face in 40 some odd million

  1. Andrew says:

    Yes, the US sucks. I thought that was a given these days.

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