Dicking around at work

You know, I have some really great friends.  They put up with a lot of bitching from me, because I am kind of nuerotic sometimes.  They put up with the terrible mess in my car and act like its not so bad.  They put up with me doling out advice like I’m some kind of super guru of everything – or some kind of oldest of four children.  Right now, one of them is also putting up with me ripping off his blog (which is far superior to mine, by the way) a little bit.  They put up with all of this and more, and still seem to love me for some God unknown reason, and I love them too.  Very, very, very much.

I hope they all read this and know it is true.


About Rockingthehomestead

Badass feminist environmentalist.
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One Response to Dicking around at work

  1. Kenneth says:

    oh, i love you too Jessi

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