Cloth diapers

I have always been concerned for the environment, but since my son was born it has become a passion.  Maybe it was a passion before, and now it is a dedication.  It hasn’t quite reached obsession heights, but watch out if I ever get pregnant again.

So I decided while I was pregnant, after much research, that I would like to cloth diaper while we are at home, at least.  While we are out and about, I would submit to using Seventh Generation diapers, which are unbleached and just a tiny fraction better for the environment.  Since he’s been born, however, we’ve been using almost exclusively the disposable Seventh Generations, and I feel horribly humiliated every time I have to go dump our diaper bucket.  There’s a guy in my apartment building who drives an electric car and if he saw me dumping those diapers I would just die. 

I was able to buy a few All In One cloth diapers (which is the method I decided would best fit my diapering needs) before he was born, but not enough to get us through even one day, because AIO’s are really expensive!  I’m talking 13-20 bucks a piece, depending on the brand.  And you need around 12 to get you through a day.  You can understand my dilemma.

But I will not be deterred, especially considering that over the two year time frame that you will be diapering your child it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to shell out 300-400 bucks in the beginning than to spend 13 bucks a week every week (about a thousand dollars cheaper).  And if you plan on having more children – which I do – the savings is doubled with each child.  So I’m spending some of my rather large tax refund on cloth diapers for Elijah.

I will also be buying a Yaris (because it’s the most fuel efficient car this side of a hybrid, and I can afford it, unlike a hybrid), paying off some bills, and buying an I phone.  Of course I won’t be buying a Yaris outright, I’ll just be using 25% of my tax refund as a down payment. 

Paying off bills helps the environment because the bill collectors will no longer be sending me letters saying “give us our money!”  Mail leaves a huge carbon footprint, after all, what with the trees getting cut down, and the power used to produce the paper, ship it to the debt collectors, get it printed with angry pay us letter, ship the letter to me, etc.

No, the Iphone does nothing for the environment, I just want one and when I foolishly put my old phone through the washing machine a few weeks ago I figured it was a sign from God that I need an Iphone.

Also, I will no longer buy Seventh Generation Disposables.  They have that creepy alien gel in them which contains chemicals that were banned from tampons in the 80’s, but for some reason are still okay to use on babies.  I am changing instead to Tushies, which are actually compostable.  That’s right.  Compostable.  That’s, like, one step above biodegradable.


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