I’m a sucker for kids selling things

I am doing Weight Watchers to take off the baby weight.  16 lbs down, 40 or so more to go.  Samoas, according to Weight Watchers, are 2 points a piece.  I am allowed 36 points a day.  So its really not in my best interest to be even thinking about Girl Scout cookies, because I can’t even open a box of Samoas without eating them all.

Unfortunately, I also cannot resist children selling things.  Oh, I am the worlds biggest sucker for lemonade stands and fundraisers.  I buy popcorn from the Boy Scouts and I don’t even like popcorn!  So this year I am buying the Girl Scout cookies and hording them.  Just like a fat little squirrel.


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One Response to I’m a sucker for kids selling things

  1. lapieuvre says:

    If I were a superhero, lemonade stands would be my weakness. Also Samoas are the best cookie that ever existed. I feel your pain.

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