And now for something a little more serious

I think we need to seriously re evaluate where our tax money is going in this country.  Look at it this way:

You’re going to go out for dinner and you have two restaurants to choose from.  The first one costs 10 dollars a plate; the second one costs 25 dollars a plate.  On the outside, it might look like a better deal to go to the 10 dollar a plate joint, until you realize that at the 10 dollar a plate place all they serve you is a bowl of Cheerios.  At the 25 dollar a plate place you get a 16 oz steak and baked potato with all the fixings, with a dinner salad and dinner rolls, a beer, and a dessert.  Now which ones the better deal? 

Our country is the restaurant that’s charging 10 dollars for a bowl of Cheerios, while a country like Canada or France is the steak place.  Now, I don’t mind Cheerios, if that’s all we’ve got to offer, but I sure as hell don’t want to pay ten dollars a bowl for them.  If I’m going to fork out the big bucks I’d rather double it and get something really good.  Especially when you consider where the money is going in each restaurant.  At the steak place, 24 out of 25 dollars goes back into everything it takes to get that steak dinner on your table, it goes to pay the waitress, the cooks, to pay the rent for the building and pay for utilities, it goes to the truck driver who brought all the food to you, the potato farmer, the cattle rancher, etc.  At the Cheerios place only 2 of the ten dollars goes back to the waitress, the utilities, the truck driver, the manufacturing plant, the wheat farmer, etc.  The other 8 dollars is all profit for some fat cat who doesn’t pay the same percentage in taxes as the rest of the people working below him to serve the Cheerios, and he doesn’t even invest back into the Cheerios business by eating there, he goes out and eats at the steak place!


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One Response to And now for something a little more serious

  1. Joe Di says:

    Oh! Great job!
    Very good and helpful post.
    Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now
    We’ll expect many new interesting posts from you 😉

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